The Office of Jim Patterson, Assemblyman voted NO on a SB-308. This bill was submitted to adjust for inflation, and help people stay in their homes, or at the very least give them a better chance to get another home. It would have also helped them keep their cars.

The bill would have also fixed a long standing problem of allowing someone who is, or has been separated from their spouse to protect their vehicles. Currently they often cannot unless they can get that separated spouse to sign a waiver. Many times they cannot even find that spouse, or have restraining orders against them. The new change would have not required them to contact that separated spouse.

There were many other advantages in this bill to help struggling people, but apparently Jim Patterson believed only banks and credit card companies should benefit from the laws.

Why am I picking on Jim Patterson? Because, I live in his district and (I am ashamed to say) he is my representative. Jim Patterson can be contacted at his web site. If you agree he should be representing us, and not the banks, LET HIM KNOW.

We need a representative that represents US. Please join me in voting against Jim Patterson in the next election.