Beware of Collection Scam by Richard Campbell of legal consultant services

There seems to be a new phone scam. (I say “new” but other complaints imply they have been around awhile) One of my Chapter 7 clients filed and received a discharge of all debts, including one to Ace Cash Express. She has received several phone calls from a Richard Campbell of Legal Consultant Services. The return phone number was 678-212-5481. (look here: for other complaints.) Although she informed him she had filed bankruptcy, he told her (falsely) bankruptcy did not apply to this debt, and the police would be coming after her, and she was going to be served with a summons. None of these threats were true, or followed through on.

I contacted Ace Cash Express and their legal department assured me that they have never heard of these people, they are NOT collecting for Ace, and Ace sold the debt to Midwest Recovery Fund, LLC. As of this writing I have not been able to get a live person at Midwest, so can’t say how, or if they are involved. I will update this when I have more information.

For now, if you receive a call from a Richard Campbell of Legal Consultant Services I would consider it a scam. You can report these calls to the federal Trade Commission here: FTC Complaint Site

If you received a discharge of the debt in bankruptcy you should contact your attorney to go after them, as I have done here for my client.

Posted by Timothy Springer, Bankruptcy Attorney, Fresno, CA

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  1. This exact scammer has been reported here too… As an attorney can you confirm what the penalty would be for a person placing these calls?