House prices are going back up. While this is good news for our economy, it can be a very real problem if you own a home, have home equity, and need to file for bankruptcy. It always makes me sad to see someone that has filed a bankruptcy on their own, without a full understanding of what they are getting into. If there is going to be a problem, you want to know BEFORE you file. It is not fun to find out when you go to the court that you are going to lose your home, or your cars, or your tax return because you did not fully understand the process, and thought you could save money doing it yourself.

I have said it often, and will say it again now. GET ADVICE FROM A COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY BEFORE YOU FILE. It may be impossible to find an attorney that can fix the mess you made AFTER you have already filed. Get the help BEFORE you file.

Good Luck.
Timothy Springer, Esq.
Bankruptcy Attorney